Nickel Alloys

Alloy 200/201 (ASTM B163/B730)
Alloy 400 (ASTM B163/B730)
Alloy 600 (ASTM B163/B516)
Alloy 625 (ASTM B444/B704)
Alloy 825 (ASTM B163/B704)
Alloy C276 (ASTM B622/B626)
Alloy 800 (ASTM B163/B515)
Alloy C22 (ASTM B622/B626)
Alloy 20 (ASTM B729/B468)

And more!


  • In random lengths and cut to size
  • Seamless and welded
  • Avarage and minimum wall thickness
  • Sizes in millimeters and inches according to the BWG and SWG


  • Quick delivery for repair and maintenance
  • Additional testing: hot tensile, corrosion test, ultrasonic test and more
  • Third party inspections by Lloyds, TÜV, DNV and other independent inspection authorities
  • Upgrade to 3.2

Nickel Alloy Tube

Tubes are commonly used in Heat Exchangers and for Instrumentation.

The highest quality assured

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