Plate and Sheet

Nickel Alloys

Alloy 200/201 (ASTM B162)
Alloy 400 (ASTM B127)
Alloy 600 (ASTM B168)
Alloy 625 (ASTM B443)
Alloy 825 (ASTM B424)
Alloy C276 (ASTM B575)
Alloy 800 (ASTM B409)
Alloy C22 (ASTM B575)
Alloy 20 (ASTM B463)

And more!


  • Full plate
  • Rings
  • Discs


  • Sheared, Plasma, Laser and Waterjet cut to size
  • Hot and cold rolled
  • According to drawing


  • Quick delivery for repair and maintenance
  • Additional testing: hot tensile, corrosion test, ultrasonic test and more
  • Third party inspections by Lloyds, TÜV, DNV and other independent inspection authorities
  • Upgrade to 3.2

Nickel Alloy Plate

Thick or thin, plate or sheet, we can provide all!

The highest quality assured

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