UNS R50400

UNS R50400                                            Equivalents: Titanium Grade 2 / Werkstoff 3.7035

Hart b.v. is a stockholder and supplier of UNS R50400 products:

  • Pipe (seamless and welded in random lengths and cut to size)
  • Fittings (BW and forged fittings)
  • Flanges (ANSI, DIN, EN, JIS)
  • Bar (round, square and hexagonal in random lengths and cut to size)
  • Forgings (Discs, Rings and forgings according to drawing)
  • Plate (Full plates and cut to size)

Applications UNS R50400:
UNS R50400 is a commercially pure Titanium (CP) and is the most commonly used type of Titanium for industrial applications. UNS R50400 is used extensively for sea water piping, reactor vessels and heat exchangers in the (Petro)-chemical, Oil & Gas and Marine Industries. This is partly due to its low density and corrosion resistance and can be easily welded, hot and cold worked and machined.

Chemical analysis UNS R50400:
Carbon - 0,08% max.
Nitrogen - 0,03% max.
Oxygen - 0,25% max.
Hydrogen - 0,015% max.
Iron - 0,3% max.
Titanium - balance

Density UNS R50400: 4,50

UNS R50400 ASTM standards:
Bar/Billet - B348
Forgings/Flanges - B381
Seamless Tubing -  B338
Welded Tubing -  B338
Seamless Pipe - B861
Welded Pipe - B862
Plate - B265
Buttweld fittings - B363