retrowrapRetrowrap is a cold applied, splash zone and sub-sea corrosion protection system. It is specifically designed to provide an alternative to factory-applied coatings for new constructions in remote areas, or to retrofit protection of risers, piles and pipelines; inshore, offshore or sub-sea.

Retrowrap units may be removed and refitted to facilitate substrate inspection at regular interval throughout the service life of the system.

All Retrowraps demonstrate the same characteristics. The various models depend on the particular application for which they are used.

Standard Retrowrap is used for inshore pile protection while the heavy-duty Retrowrap HD is used for offshore riser protection. Retrowrap SL is utilized for connector & conductor protection.

Characteristics of Retrowrap

  • One piece that requires no primer or filler since it is tensioned around the piles using a force of approx. 800-1000 Kg per linear meter.
  • "Active" splash zone & sub-sea corrosion protection system, which simplifies pre-substrate preparation.
    Cold applied; no hot permits required.
  • Designed for easy installation & long life in the field
    Engineered to allow for substrate inspections at regular intervals if required
  • Abrasion resistant & environmental safe

How is Retrowrap made?

Retrowrap is a multi-layer-constructed fabric consisting of an outer urethane coating, polyamide reinforcing skrim and a polyester felt inner layer. All three layers are simultaneously bonded together to form a monocoque fabric.

Adding or reducing the thickness of the coatings or to modify the fabric can vary this unique construction. This feature allows us to change physical characteristics such as induced hoop tension, impact and abrasion resistance and punctur strength to suit the application for which Retrowrap system is to be used.

How does Retrowrap work?

  • Absorbent polyester felt is impregnated with a water-repellent thixotropic gel containing corrosion inhibitors or biocidel treatments.
  • Elastomeric properties in fabric allow Retrowrap to be stretched around structures for a snug fit to ensure that it is water & air tight.
  • Flange closure or caliper system is designed for easy field installation and removal for routine inspection. It will accommodate all fabric thicknesses.
  • Once installed, corrosion inhibitors commence the pacification process to neutralize & maintain surface contaminators to an inert state.