Milsheff Covers

Milsheff coverThe Milsheff safety cover provides a visible, early warning of leakage of flanges and valves. As soon as an acid or caustic comes into contact with the inside coating, the outside changes colour.

Even one drop of the reagent triggers a colour change that is clearly visible to all employees. All covers are made of tough vinyl fabric reinforced with woven-glass, that will stop sprays even in the event of serious leakage.

Advantages of the Milsheff cover:

  • Fully indicating
  • Easily installed
  • Suitable for use at high temperatures
  • Delivery from stock
A list of the most common Milsheff covers is given below:

1) Flange covers
The flange covers are available in ANSI and DIN sizes.

The table with the different sizes for flange covers can be found here: download table.
The table shows the different sizes for welded flanges. Safety covers can also be supplied for threaded flanges.
* Milsheff covers van be supplied in all sizes and pressure ratings


2) Valve covers
For enquiries or orders, please specify the following two dimensions:
A - Height of valve
B - Circumference of valve

3) Special safety covers
Milsheff covers can be supplied for any application.
For more information please contact our sales office.

Flange covers material size overview2.jpg
Flange covers material size overview2.jpg