UNS N02201

UNS N02201                               Equivalents: Nickel 201/Alloy 201/Werkstoff 2.4068

Hart b.v. is a stockholder and supplier of UNS N02201 products:

  • Pipe (seamless and welded in random lengths and cut to size)
  • Fittings (BW and forged fittings)
  • Flanges (ANSI, DIN, EN, JIS)
  • Bar (round, square and hexagonal in random lengths and cut to size)
  • Forgings (Discs, Rings and forging according to drawing)
  • Plate and sheet (Full plates and cut to size)

Applications UNS N02201:
UNS N02201 is a commercially pure (99.6%) Nickel alloy very similar to UNS N02200 but with a lower carbon content to so it can be used at higher temperatures. The lower carbon content also reduces hardness, making UNS N02201 particularly suitable for cold-formed items.

Chemical analysis UNS N02201:
Nickel - 99,0% min.
Copper - 0,25% max.
Manganese -  0,35% max.
Carbon - 0,02% max.
Silicon - 0,35% max.
Sulfur -  0,01% max.
Density UNS N02201: 8,89
UNS N02201 ASTM standards:
Bar/Billet - B160
Forgings/Flanges - B564
Seamless Tubing -  B163
Welded Tubing -  B730
Seamless Pipe - B163
Welded Pipe - B725
Plate - B162
Buttweld fittings - B366