Stock extension 2012


Stock Extension – Seamless BW fittings in Nijkerk, the Netherlands

Hart b.v. is proud to announce that the first complete batch of BW fittings in Alloy 400 and Alloy 600 has arrived in our warehouse in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.  The company can now supply a full range of seamless elbows, and tees in Alloy 400 and Alloy 600 from stock. This is in addition to the limited range of BW fittings acc. to ANSI 16.9 that have been held in stock for the last few years.

Hart b.v. is also proud to announce that BW fittings in Alloy 625 and 825 will be available from stock within a coming  months.  You will be informed as soon as the Alloy 625 and Alloy 825 fittings arrive.

Hart b.v. stocks from ½” upto and including 6” in various wall thicknesses. All materials are from supplied from ISO approved, Western European manufacturers. 3.1 certificates are standard with all orders. For shutdowns, emergencies and small orders we can supply within 1-2 days FCA our warehouse.

For further information and your enquiries please contact our sales department at If you would like to stay up to date on the latest news regarding Hart b.v. and its stock extensions please follow us on Twitter: @HartBV_News.