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Hart b.v. leading stockholder of Nickel Alloy Piping Products

Hart b.v. was founded in Soestdijk by Neville M. Hart in December 1964. The company started as a supplier/stockholder of forged valves and forged steel fittings to the Petrochemical and Chemical industries.

In 1965 Hart b.v. started to build up stocks of carbon steel flanges in a warehouse in Rotterdam, with sizes up to 36”. In the same year the first stainless steel flanges were put on the shelf in Rotterdam. This was the first stock of stainless steel flanges in the Netherlands.

In the years that followed Hart b.v. represented exclusively a number of renowned fitting and flange manufacturers (Gauchon, Rabufetti, Bassi Luigi, Petroltubi etc.). Large projects were booked during this time, together with the principals of Hart b.v., with back-up of material from stock. HART b.v. became a leading stockholding supplier of carbon and stainless steel piping material.

Hart b.v. also acquired several agencies for non-piping products, but products linked to the same industries such as Skinner Pipe Repair clamps and Milsheff indicating flange and valve covers. In 1985 Hart b.v. was awarded the contract from Milsheff to manufacture the covers in licence for the continent of Western Europe.

In 1974 Hart b.v. moved to Nijkerk, where office and warehouse were consolidated. Due to the fact that the large stockholders were also moving into the area of large-sized and high pressure fittings and flanges, Hart b.v. started to specialise more in the stainless and special carbons (low- and high temperature carbon steels). Hart b.v. once again was the first to stock low temperature carbon steel (LF1/2 and WPL6). The carbon steel was phased out from the stocks and stainless steels became the focus of the Hart b.v. stock program.

In 1991 the company was taken over by Henry N. Hart (son of Neville Hart). The focus changed to Heat and Corrosion Resistant Materials. Hart b.v. developed into a leading supplier of Nickel Alloys, Titanium and Special Stainless, not only in Europe but worldwide. Hart b.v. stock program is now in a range of Nickel Alloys and Titanium in seamless pipe, fittings, flanges and bar. Hart b.v. has an extensive partnership network worldwide with manufacturers, agents and customers all over the world and plans to grow this considerably in the foreseeable future.

To provide the best possible service worldwide Hart b.v. opened an office in the Middle East in 2013. This way Hart b.v. is able to reply faster to enquiries and have faster deliveries which are the main advantages for our local customers. Hart Middle East is ISO approved.

Hart b.v. is an ISO approved supplier, who is able to remark in accordance with PED regulations, and services the (Petro-) Chemical industries, the Offshore industry and related industries worldwide, for projects but also for shut downs and maintenance work.


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